VIDEO: Obama’s NLRB Appointments Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Appeals Court

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Americans for Limited Government’s Nathan Mehrens made an appearance on a Fox News Special Report to discuss the federal appeals court ruling that Obama’s NLRB appointments were unconstitutional. See the video for more:

“Since August of 2011, you have not had a three-member board that has been confirmed by the Senate. And so under the Supreme Court’s decision in New Process Steel, this means that all those decisions are void.”

For reference, the New Process Steel case (New Process Steel v. National Labor Relations Board) held that the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) requires that the NLRB must maintain at least three members to be able to issue decisions.

The NLRB has issued over 200 rulings since Obama’s unconstitutional appointments which could come under scrutiny and even be overturned. This is great news for companies targeted by the NLRB’s pro-labor appointees, but the decision is not final, the Supreme Court may hear the case to issue a final opinion on these decisions.

Unfortunately, simply overturning these cases will not be enough. Without serious reforms enacted to the NLRA and NLRB, Obama will simply find more pro-labor appointments to enact the same anti-employer decisions as before.

Be sure to download the NLRB Reform action plan for more information about what Americans for Limited Government is doing to stop the NLRB from damaging the economy further- treating the disease, not just the symptoms.

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