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  1. Treg, I’ve read some of your comments on the pruoevis post, and your argument is interesting, but you don’t provide any actual solutions to the problem. Even given the fact that the $85 Million figure that’s being thrown about is wrong (and I think it is), there’s no getting around the fact that the Globe and the NYT are losing money and need to make some changes in order to stay viable and competitive.You wrote: “With creative thinking and better management, I think the Globe is one of the major newspapers that can survive this period. The Guild should work out the best contract possible instead of selling themselves down the river.”Creative thinking is awesome. What do you propose that they haven’t already tried and that can be implemented easily, cheaply, immediately, and without adversely impacting any employees? Exactly.As for the Guild working out the best contract possible who do you think was sitting across from the NYT/Globe team at the negotiating table? This IS the contract they worked out in fact, this is the SECOND contract they worked out. A third contract won’t be much different except that NYT will need more money, and the people producing the paper will get squeezed even more.In one of our Guild meetings, someone asked: If Globe management had to choose between saving itself and saving the Telegram, which do you think they would choose? The Globe would do what it had to to save itself, of course. NYT doesn’t want to save the Globe, it wants to save itself. It’s business, not bullying.

  2. It is tragic to watch wokrers at any level willing to unnecessarily give up their rights to collectively bargain over wages, hours and working conditions. Guess what? Without collective bargaining the people at the Globe would be earning sub-Herald wages.The fact is, the NLRB complaint has merit; a company can not declare an impasse and then reach back in time to impose a contract and that is precisely what the Times Co. did.Alphonse uses all the logic of the human resources department at Wal Mart. Management lackeys in union situations are dangerous to their brothers and sisters and there is no better sign of a management lackey a union member who actually says “If you think you can get a better job with another company, now is a great time to go for it.”

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