Obama “Re-Nominates” Unconstitutional NLRB Appointees Block, Griffin

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After a DC Federal Appeals Court ruled that the “recess” appointment of Richard Griffin and Sharon Block were unconstitutional, Obama is finally asking the Senate for approval for their positions in what is being called “renomination”.

The idea of this being called a “renomination” is laughable, as Obama circumvented Senate approval and ignored the fact that there was a “pro-forma” session in place, a practice started by current Majority Leader Harry Reid to avoid this exact situation.

The Senate’s reaction to this nomination will be very interesting to watch, particularly after 40 Senators sent a letter to the NLRB members asking them to step down. Their reception is anticipated to be cold at best. There has even been legislation proposed to stop the NLRB from enforcing any decisions during that time.

The Senate should reject the unconstitutional appointees, and use every means possible to delay and prevent them from going further. The audacity of Obama’s move to unconstitutionally appoint these nominees shows a lack of confidence they would have been approved on their own, and any attempt to approve them now simply shows a lack of respect for the Senate’s constitutionally-appointed duties.

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