NLRB Region Unleashes Micro-Unit On Retailer

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Over the course of the last two years, Barack Obama’s union appointees at the National Labor Relations Board have been waging a war against America’s union-free workplace. While the NLRB’s prosecution of the Boeing Company for the alleged “crime” of opening a non-union pant in South Carolina captured much media attention, when taken in their totality, the less-reported decisions and rule-making that Obama’s appointees have issued is, to America’s union-free workplace, akin to a death by a thousand cuts.

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  1. South Carolina has to take a firm stand against all itrousinns from a run-a-way rogue despot regime we have in Washington DC, which included interfering with Boeing choice to locate here . We just simply have to say NO..BUTT OUT of SOUTH CAROLINA BUSINESS. We must exert our sovereignty to the fullest. WE do not need Washington. I would also like to see the Governor take action to see to it that Obama can’t nationalize our National Guard, organize a voluntary Militia, and Require all country sheriffs to keep their oaths to support and defend the constitution and keep federal officials from attempting to take any actions within their respective counties without the governor’s explicit permission or face arrest. I would also like to suggest that each country sheriff be encouraged to organize a voluntary sheriff’s posse in their respective counties. We need to be prepared. On last thing .Pass legislation, if needed, that employers stop sending federal withholding taxes to DC but instead to the SC State Department of Tax Revenue to make up for Obama cutting off any funds in retaliation against SC and spend what we need on what DC cuts off. The federal Income tax is illegal anyway and has been proven so.

  2. President Obama s illegal acititvy concerning the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau demands a congressional response. Members of Congress both senators and representatives have a duty to answer President Obama s anti-constitutional behavior. That response should begin in a serious tone, yet permit the President to backtrack from his unlawfulness. One response is for either house of Congress to cancel the State of the Union speech. This speech, customarily permitted at a joint session of Congress, is an honor that is inappropriate in light of the President s behavior. If the speech is already schedule, senators and representatives should forgo attendance. When the President behaves outside the Constitution, Congress needs to treat him as a pariah. Such a public censure of the President s unlawful behavior would help protect the dignity of the Republic, and may jolt the President back from his open despotism.

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