NLRB Drops Black Friday Illegal Picketing Case Against UFCW

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The NLRB has decided to hold the charge of UFCW’s allegedly illegal picketing at Walmart in abeyance, meaning that if nothing further happens, the case will be dropped. The UFCW has promised that after their allegedly illegal Black Friday protests, they will not be pursuing any further organizing efforts against WalMart.

However, for the NLRB to take the UFCW at their word is not wise, as the UFCW has a nasty habit of pursuing organizing activity even after it is clear that their efforts will be fruitless. As stated by our friends at the UFCW Monitor:

Now the UFCW is claiming that since their defeat, they will not be pursuing further action against Walmart. To that, we say their actions prove otherwise- the UFCW has not let a little illegal action stop them before, and thave have continued to press their luck when it’s clear their efforts will not pay off. It may only be a matter of time before this case is in front of the NLRB again.

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