Fox News Covers NLRB’s Craig Becker’s Union Payback

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Craig Becker Riding D.C.’s Revolving Door – Barbara Comstock of the Workforce Fairness Institute discusses the Former NLRB official who was named co-general counsel of the AFL-CIO on the Fox Business channel.

  1. Well, like most things extniisg, this is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. The unions, which used to do so good for the American worker, now get themselves in place and collect union fees and promotional fees and medical fees from the worker and do nothing else but count on some misguided emotional response that they and the worker are one and the same and exploit the workers just like the corporations exploit the workers and the immigrants that are enticed to come here because they give their vote to the Democrats who’ like the Soviet Union think that they are going to continue to take everything and give it to the rich and to the poor when they need to get re-elected.The Right to Work Laws never worked the way they were intended and the Unions don’t help workers any more. The Right to Work Law translates into a union official standing over you and replacing you if you raise up to get a drink of water or light a cigarette to leave hanging out of your mouth while you work. My Dad fled the Right to Work Laws from state to state so that he could work like a human being.So, if you think that you have one something , you haven’t. The government and the Right to Work Laws are as broken as the unions are and neither one does anything for human beings. The human being gets the shaft one way or another.

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