Big Government Busts- NLRB

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The National Labor Relations Board made an interesting move in 2011. It tried to block a business strategy of Boeing’s and demonstrated that it is abusing its power. See how this made our Top 11 Big Gov’t Busts of 2011.

  1. The president sholud realize this is an example why our unemployment is so high, The unions are in a take over mode,the companies that could expand are not going to just because of what is happening to Boeing, Companies has lost their freedom to operate like they want to,The goverment is trying to control operations of all business,The president is obligated to unions who helped him get elected which he also has gave millions of taxpayers money to.The freedom to make decisions for companies is under fire from the Unions so the only thing companies can do is nothing just horde it’s money and wait until the present adminstration is changed.

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