A project of Americans for Limited Government.

The National Labor Relations Board has recently gone on a rampage seeking to tilt labor-relations law toward union interests. Americans for Limited Government has put together a bill to stop the NLRB- and it needs your support.

This bill would prevent the extra-judicial NLRB from pre-empting state laws and challenging state constitutional provisions. You can get involved by signing our petition today!

  1. How can there possibly be a rule that resirtcts the use of cameras in public places when most cities are covered with CCTV equipment? So, it’s ok for the police to film whatever they want but journalists, tourists or the general public, who just want to catch a memory for posterity, are being criminalised. This government has picked on drinkers, smokers, motorists and now it is focusing its attention on photographers. One would think that, given the current state of the economy, it would have more important things to worry about.

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